AngularJS Masterclass - Deep Dive & Understand AngularJS

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AngularJS Masterclass - Deep Dive & Understand AngularJS

Understand Core Concepts, Create Custom Directives, Custom Services, Routing and Hands On Using Modularized Approach.

Bạn sẽ học được:

  • Create Medium to Complex Web Applications Using AngularJS
  • No Faffing, All Lectures are Packed with Information
  • You will have understanding of All the Core Concepts of AngularJS
  • You will know why angularjs is so popular and why you should start using it
  • Dont just learn Angularjs But understand it with JavaScript, HTML, Design Pattern and Clean Code concept
  • You will know mostly used directives and filters of AngularJS
  • You will know how Dependency Injection, two way data binding, scope to scope communication works
  • You will know when to use $apply and $watch methods of scope
  • You will know how to handle business logic in controller and how controller inheritance works
  • You will know how to use AngularJS built in services and how to create your own services to encapsulate single responsibilities or business logic
  • Server side interaction using Mongo Lab API and how to use promises
  • You will know how to Create Single Page Applications
  • You will know how to Create Custom Directives & Filters
  • Awesome discounts on all of my upcoming courses
  • Get Hands on By Creating An Application Using Modularized Approach
  • Complimentary Contents for Free

Yêu cầu:

  1. Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript
  2. How to use a text editor
  3. Basic knowledge of programming
AngularJS Masterclass - Deep Dive & Understand AngularJS

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