Create Ethereum & Blockchain Applications Using Solidity

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Create Ethereum & Blockchain Applications Using Solidity

Learn about Ethereum, Solidity, DAO, ICO, Bitcoin, Altcoin, Website Security, Ripple, Litecoin, Smart Contracts, Apps

Bạn sẽ học được:

  • What cryptocurrencies are
  • How to use cryptocurrencies
  • Solidity programming
  • What blockchain is
  • The components blockchain consists of
  • Blockchain programming
  • Blockchain use cases
  • Finance skills
  • What Bitcoin is
  • What Ethereum is
  • Alternative cryptocurrencies
  • Decentralised applications programming

Yêu cầu:

  1. Passion for learning about Blockchain
  2. Basic computer knowledge and skills
  3. Passion for learning about Solidity
  4. Passion for learning about Cryptocurrencies
  5. Passion for learning about Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies
Create Ethereum & Blockchain Applications Using Solidity

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